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Beach Crawl

Online ticket sales are now over; however, you can still purchase tickets at Kellam's Field on July 31st between 12pm & 1pm.

Crawl Time: 1:00pm - 6:00pm. The times suggested on the flyer are for informational purposes & participants are encouraged & more than welcome to Crawl at their own pace. 


Participating Restaruants/Bars: See flyer below. As mentioned above the times are informational. 


Wristbands: Wristbands will be available starting at 12pm at Kellam's field. If you know of individuals who have not purchased their wristband, let them know we will have them available for sale at the field between 12-1. If you arrive after 1pm - please call Kevin Hynes at (443) 623-2129


Shuttle: There will be a 14 passenger shuttle to help individuals move throughout the Crawl beginning at 3:30pm. The driver’s name is Wilford, will provide phone number tomorrow & tips are appreciated. See the flyer below for scheduling.


Please note, the flyer below will also be available tomorrow when checking in. 


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Register for our open programs!

Click on any of the programs below to be taken to the registration page:

  1. Spring Flag Football no longer available
  2. Lacrosse No longer available
  3. Cheerleading (games & competition)
  4. Flag Cheer
  5. Football
  6. Fall Flag Football

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